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L’Ecole Supérieure des beaux-arts de Casablanca 


Bik Van der Pol 
School of Walking, 2023 
Video featuring Hassan Darsi (20′)


Nassim Azarzar
All Things Flow, 2023
Wallpaper, sound installation, poster

Sound installation : Reda Zniber
Voices : Sophia Hadi, Boutayna Mjahed, Reda Zniber


L’Annexe de l’église du Sacré-Coeur  


Bik Van der Pol 

School of Walking, 2023
Video featuring Maria Daif (19′)


Abdeslam Ziou Ziou
Berrechid 81 : On the energy of an impeded movement, 2023
In situ archival installation and interventions by artists Fatine Aarafati, Sophia Attigui, Soufiane Biyari, Grocco-Trick 54 and Said Rami


Trick 54-Grocco 

Les poils du scorpion, 2023
Mural intervention 


Fatine Arafati 

Composition, 2023 
Oil painting on canvas


Soufiane Biyari
, assisted by Said Rami
سبب ليا خليني نخرج , 2023
Installation, audio, poetry and interaction 

2023, بر شي د
Model, plan, energy, love and history


La Coupole 


Bik Van der Pol 
School of Walking, 2023
Video featuring Mohamed Fariji ( 18′)


Céline Condorelli
Integrations (studies), 2023 
Mural wall prints, floor prints, carpets


Amina Belghiti and Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi
Losing Rass El Khait : Set Design for Radical Rehearsals, 2023
10 mesh frames with woven, collaged and printed mixed media : artist book, magnetic tape, recycled paper and photographs, plastic and industrial waste, calligraphy by Wafae Zaoui 


Fatima Zahra Lakrissa 
Turning Frozen Yesterdays into Fluid Now, 2023
Archive documents, text


Gilles Aubry 

Rwais Sound Model, 2023 
Sound installation, single channel audio loop (60′) 

L’Makina, 2023 
HD video, (25′)


Bik Van der Pol 

At the end of this long journey, 2023
Bik Van der Pol in dialogue with Bert Flint
(November 2021, Marrakesh) 


Le Parc de la Ligue arabe 


Manuel Raeder 
Casablanca Street Furniture, 2023

Manuel Raeder 
Mohamed Melehi Manhole, 2023




Bik Van der Pol 

School of Walking, 2023
Video featuring Fatima Mazmouz ( 17′)


Manuel Raeder 

Mohamed Melehi Manhole mold, 2023


Peter Spillman 
Corresponding with…(in memory of Marion von Osten), 2023
In situ installation in collaboration with ThinkArt and CPKC.org
Library, archive shelving, stage, multifunctional furniture, workspace, presentation media, documents from CPKC.org (Center for Postcolonial Knowledge and Culture) archives.